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We employ a unique, disciplined and logical process to help our clients gain control of their financial future. Our compensation structure of planning and advising is specifically designed to incentivize us to maintain consistent communication, work hard to save our clients more money, and take the time to truly inform them.

We are laser focused on the things we and our clients have control over, rather than pinning their entire financial futures to the one thing they have absolutely no control over.

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Gratitude in An Age of Chaos

It’s easy to slip into a mindset of despair in a year like the one we’re having, but if we can manage to pause and refocus, we can still find gratitude. In my fifty-one years on this rock, I have never…

Financial Planning

It'll Make You Feel Good

Here’s a blinding flash of the obvious: Americans are highly stressed about their finances. Even before the economy went to Hell, people were experiencing all kinds of really negative feelings because…

Financial Outlook


There is a wave of defaults and bankruptcies building in the economic ocean and it will soon become a tsunami. This tsunami will swamp the bond market and then the Federal Reserve, if they really do what…

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