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Financial Planning

Miss Applied Stimulus

Sorry to disappoint you all, but this post is not about a beauty pageant for econ students, or an only fans page. And now that we have your attention, what we’re on about here is the knock-on effect of…

Financial Outlook

Redirecting Focus

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared our views on the topic of inflation, (beyond our day-to-day client meetings, where we’ve shared them ad nauseum), and what we should be focused on in that regard.…

Financial Outlook

Our Best Defense, Our Greatest Weakness

Rationalization is the devil on our shoulder. Sometimes we know he’s there, egging us on. Sometimes we’re so caught up in the moment that we forget he’s there. Nudging. Always nudging. 

Wealth Preservation


The primary selling point for target date funds is convenience. Set it and forget it. All I have to do is put my money in and the fund company will invest it in a more “aggressive” manner while I’m young, and then they’ll make it more “conservative” as I age and get closer to the time I’ll need to sell to pay for retirement. Sound familiar?

Financial Outlook

What Inflation Is All About?

Series I bonds are US Savings Bonds that the government resets the interest rate on every six months, adjusting for inflation. And, well, you don’t need us to know inflation has been getting worse. If you spend money, you know a dollar doesn’t buy what it used to. Let us expand just a bit on this point.

Wealth Preservation

Betting the House

We are continually reminded by conversations we have with others just how vulnerable we all are to the lure of advances in broad stock market indexes.

Business Planning

Take This Job

Apparently, a global pandemic that, temporally speaking, follows on the heels of a Global Financial Crisis, has a tendency to make people think twice about what they want to be when they grow up.

Financial Outlook

Head Fake or Bursting Bubble?

Is the recent action in markets the beginning of a downturn, or just a temporary pause? That is the $64,000,000,000,000 question;$64,000 just doesn’t seem to do it justice anymore (yes, I know I’m dating myself here).

Wealth Preservation

The Struggle for Balance

We all struggle for balance in almost all areas of our lives: balance in our diets, our work, and personal interests: our spending and saving: and of course, our investment allocations.

Financial Outlook

Are You Exuberant?

I don't think Jimi Hendrix and Alan Greenspan would have ever hung out, but I do think if they’d met by some kind of happy accident, they'd have gotten along well if each knew more about what really inspired the genius of the other.

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