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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Now for 2019 Tax Prep

August is a jewel of a month in Vermont. While most would argue there isn’t a bad summer month to experience here, August is particularly sweet. It’s also “vacation month,” and there’s no place better to enjoy the lazy days of summer than by Lake Champlain. Another great thing about August? It’s the perfect time to start prepping your taxes.


The Tax Reform Pipe Dream

Congress is preparing to debate the budget deal that includes the tax reform proposed by the current administration, so I thought I’d chime in with my opinion of where this might go. In a nutshell, nowhere.


Tax Returns: Your God-Given Right as an American

Recently CBS Sunday Morning published a story on the idea of automating the preparation of our tax returns. This is not a new idea. I hope it never becomes law. Sunday Morning interviewed a Stanford professor…

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