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Wealth Preservation


The primary selling point for target date funds is convenience. Set it and forget it. All I have to do is put my money in and the fund company will invest it in a more “aggressive” manner while I’m young, and then they’ll make it more “conservative” as I age and get closer to the time I’ll need to sell to pay for retirement. Sound familiar?

Wealth Preservation

Betting the House

We are continually reminded by conversations we have with others just how vulnerable we all are to the lure of advances in broad stock market indexes.

Wealth Preservation

The Struggle for Balance

We all struggle for balance in almost all areas of our lives: balance in our diets, our work, and personal interests: our spending and saving: and of course, our investment allocations.

Wealth Preservation

Our True Selves

Renowned Canadian Psychologist Paul TP Wong said “A person’s true character is often revealed in times of crisis or temptation. Make sure you have what it takes to be your best in such times.” We all know…

Wealth Preservation

Are You Hedged?

Yes, I know. It’s been a while. We’ve been busy hedging. Are you hedged?

Wealth Preservation

There Is a Season

Summers here in Vermont are about as good as it gets. After a particularly long and snowy winter, we bask in the glow of glorious sunsets, warm but not (usually) boiling temperatures, and creamees. (That’s…

Wealth Preservation

Three Reasons You Should Leave That Money in The Bank Doing Nothing

When I tell clients they need to increase their reserves, I often hear things like “Well, how much do I need to keep there doing nothing?” or “I’d rather pay off my mortgage/student loan/car loan than leave all that money there doing nothing.”

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