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Vermont Retirement Planners

Most firms are focused on how to accumulate money to prepare for retirement. Very few are trained and experienced in developing reliable and tax efficient retirement income plans.

Vermont Retirement Planners

Your financial circumstances, personal situation, or retirement goals will change over time. Recent market volatility may also have adversely affected your portfolio, making a fresh look important. Our retirement planners help you consider what adjustments might be appropriate, now and ongoing. Social Security is one of the few sources of retirement income that is both guaranteed for life and adjusted for inflation. For most Americans, it will represent a significant portion of their retirement income. Deciding how and when to start drawing benefits can have a huge impact on your total income, and thus your lifestyle throughout retirement, so it’s especially important to understand the options available to you.

Here are some of the important factors to consider when approaching the decision around when to begin taking Social Security:

  • Your health and life expectancy
  • Your spouse’s or ex-spouse’s benefit
  • Whether or not you plan to work after age 62
  • Your taxable income or other income sources in retirement

Before age 70, the longer you wait to begin the benefit, the larger your monthly benefit will be, and the larger the cost of living adjustment increases will be. Our extensive training and experience in this area lends itself to helping you maximize this important resource.

Retirement Planning

A thorough understanding of your current situation is critical to determine what opportunities are available to you. Our process is designed to put your retirement into perspective by analyzing all of your circumstances as a collective unit, identifying the pros and cons of your available options, distinguishing between your needs and wants, and determining the rate at which you’ll be able to spend in retirement.

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